Easy Tips On How to Conquer, Dominate and
Crush Your 1st Powerlifting Meet

If you’d like to have the ability to perform like a battle hardened veteran at your very FIRST powerlifting meet… and…

You’d like to achieve personal records at every powerlifting meet you do…

Then read on...

I’m Martijn Koevoets, and I'm a Powerlifter, Author of the #1 Amazon Bestseller High Frequency Powerlifting and Blogger at Powerlifting University.

At my 1st powerlifting meet I was nervous as hell. Doubt filled my mind... “Am I ready to compete?”, “Am I strong enough?” and “Are my numbers any good?”

You might have the same doubts... That is EXACTLY where the Powerlifting Playbook can help you...


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At my 1st powerlifting meet I was nervous as hell. Doubt filled my mind... “Am I ready to compete?”, “Am I strong enough?” and “Are my numbers any good?”

Everybody looked like they knew what they’re doing... while I was worried sick if I would make the opening attempts.

Needless to say, I did make a lot of stupid mistakes in my 1st meet. I bombed out of that meet BIG time. But I kept competing... and I kept learning a lot of stuff the hard way.

Eventually things got better. MUCH better, in fact.

In one of the last meets I did, I managed to moved from 4th place to 2nd with my 3rd deadlift.

I wish I knew 20% of the stuff I know now... But finally, I’ve organized all of my best tips & tactics for game day down on paper and made it available to you.

To help you decide, here are some of the tips that are inside of the book

  • A step by step, play by play guide to your powerlifting competition. (Once you know this you’ll show up more confident and prepared than 90% of your competitors.)
  • One simple tip anyone can use to make sure you’ are always at the right place at the right time.
  • How to get the VIP treatment whenever you lift in a powerlifting meet.
  • The simple little tip that will make sure there are no surprises when you step on to the platform… page 9.
  • A secret way to ‘enlist’ the help of Arnold Schwarzenegger and any other Hollywood celebrity to help you with pre meet jitters.
  • The single most violated rule during squats that most new lifters break.
  • A quick ‘idiot’s guide’ to the official rules of the 3 powerlifts.

But there is more you can discover inside...

  • The ‘can’t lose’ steps of successful squatting in a meet.
  • 5 Steps to blast your bench on the platform.
  • 3 Steps to 3 white lights on all your deadlift attempts.
  • The vital importance of a ‘dress rehearsal’.
  • An almost fool proof way to make sure you step on the platform at the exact best time… page 18.
  • The one best way to warm up.
  • The one mistake even experienced lifters make.

Here are some more tips you can find inside Powerlifting Playbook...

  • A little insight that will boost your placing in the competition.
  • How to ‘sucker punch’ the competition by smart weight selection.
  • A ‘blue print’ to selecting weights for your warmup AND on the platform.
  • How to cancel out ‘stage fright’.
  • When to walk away from ‘expert’s’ advice… page 26
  • Why eating good ol’ plain oats with milk and berries can increase your chances of winning.
  • The best foods to eat for maximum performance.

You would be amazed how many lifters make mistakes when comes to eating and drinking during a competition.

I dedicated a whole chapter to nutrition where I hold nothing back. I’ll tell you exactly what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat it. This goes for drinking too.

This Is One Of The Most
Overlooked Aspects In Competition

Lifters tend to only focus on their lifting during game day. But nutrition is just as important to bagging PR’s during a competition.

But there is even more you can discover inside:

  • Why an extremely popular sports drink is costing you PR’s.
  • The no sweat, no brainer way to keep you from uncomfortable bloating… and even vomiting.
  • 3 Simple (yet highly effective) rules for food selection during competition.
  • The single biggest question you should ask yourself when evaluating your pre meet training program.
  • The #1 most dangerous and costly mistake that can sabotage your training close to the meet.
  • A very simple tactic to map out your training cycle prior to your next competition.

Plus you’ll also get the other ‘fine points’ of competing in powerlifting like...

  • Whether you should make big or small jumps when selecting weights
  • A quote from Capt. Kirk that will give you laser focus during your lifting (Capt. Kirk was one of the best squatter of all time)
  • The only time when it’s ok to go a little crazy during your lifts
  • And Much More…

Only If You Are Serious

If you’ve ever finished a workout and sat there and thinking about entering a powerlifting meet and prove to everybody that you have what it takes to compete… and win… then you now have a decision to make.

You can either navigate the mine field yourself, and I can guarantee you’re going to step on a lot of mines and get blown up. Just like I did when I did my first several meets.

Or get all these proven strategies to give you the maximum possible chance of success at your powerlifting meet. For just a few bucks on Amazon.

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Meet the Author

Martijn Koevoets

Powerlifter, Author, Blogger, Online Coach & Extreme Metal Aficionado. Loves a good whiskey.

"I was bitten by the iron bug ever since the embarrassing moment in high school when I couldn't bench the 45lbs bar.

I don't have the greatest genetics in the world. Someone even once told me I had the smallest calves on earth!

But through pure pig headed determination I've been able to put some quality muscle and put up some good numbers at powerlifting meets.

Finally I discovered what works and what doesn't. I put it down for myself to refer back to whenever I would prepare for a meet.  Now I'd like to share my tips with you."

See what some others are saying...

"Nice book, giving you lots of tips you might not have thought about having your 1st (or even 2nd) powerlifting meet."

- W. Koster

"If you have any fears, doubts or nerves about an upcoming meet... or if you have athletes who absolutely crush their training, but crumble on the platform then this book is worth its weight in gold."

- Lawrence

"Good book. Full of knowledge for first time competitors and seasoned competitors."

- Doug

"It gives you everything you need to perform at your best on the platform.
I can't rate Martijn's books highly enough."

- Luke

This book is brilliant, it has really helped set me up for my first powerlifting meet, it goes into detail of the dos dont's of the day which on my first attempt is a very daunting experience.

- Michael

"If you want to learn the 'play' for your powerlifting then get this book....Now!"

- Greg

"Good stuff. It goes over the basics you should know for your first meet. The first meet should be about having fun and learning how the sport works, this will make the proces a lot smoother."

- Thomas

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Conquer, Dominate and Crush Your 1st Powerlifting Meet

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